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We are a one-stop shop Entertainment Company providing professional specialty arts services for your special event no matter how big or small! We offer services such as Face Painting, Balloon Twisting, Caricatures, Glitter Tattoos, Henna, and A Puppet Show! Southern California’s Highest Rated on Yelp with over 250 all five star reviews!


Frequently Asked Questions

Taylor Wasserman

Questions: How many artists will be coming?

Answer: We hire specialty artists, so there will be one artist per entertainment/ service. This will not impact your pricing though. It allows for efficiency and scheduling as well as guaranteeing you will have quality entertainment. (We have some face painters that can do henna or provide glitter tattoos, so that is the one exception)

Question: What is the cost for 2 hours? 

Answer: First off, how many kids will be attending? You may not need 2 hrs of just one entertainment because our artists work at lightening speed. So lets help you save on your budget or re-allocate your funds to allow for more entertainment for the same price! 

Question: How many kids/designs can be done per hour of face painting or balloon twisting or other services?

Full List of Time Breakdowns Per Service:

Face Painting = 20-25/Hr

Balloon Twisting = 20-25/Hr

Glitter Tattoos = 15-20 /Hr

Henna Tattoos = 12-20 /Hr

Hand Print Creations = 10-12 /Hr

Fancy Nails = 8-10 kids /Hr

Color Hair Spraying = 20/Hr

Caricatures are unique in that what can be accomplished varies Per Person Being Drawn based on complexity. 😍 You get to choose!

2-3 minutes : (B&W) Face Only drawings

5-7 minutes: (B&W) Face + Body drawing

5-7 minutes: (Color) Face Only drawings

10-15 minutes: (Color) Face + Body + themed background drawings

Question: When should I start my entertainment?

Answer: Start the artists hired time when the guests have had time to arrive, say their hellos and put their gifts down. We don't want any wasted time where the artists are doing nothing while the guests are settling in or if they are on the later side. 

Questions: Does Time Hired include set up?

Answer: Set up time will not be charged, so your time hired is YOUR time! Also we will provide any equipment necessary…just be sure to let us know what is needed. 👍😊

Question: What if it rains? 🌦

Answer: Our artists show up rain or shine! If you are booking during the rainy months, please have a plan B or indoor location available, as our deposit is non-refundable. 

Question: How do I choose the right entertainment for the age groups?

Answer: Fill out one of our booking forms or give us a call and we are happy to help!

Question: How many Caricature Drawings can be done per hour?

Answer: Caricatures are unique in that what our artists can accomplish varies depending on the complexity of the design.You are welcome to mix and match from the below options. Please note that we suggest reserving color drawings for the event honoree to allow for more drawings to be done per hour. (Check out the Caricature Page for Timing Breakdown)

Question: I dont see the pricing, how do I get an instant quote?

Answer: Please Click on the photo of the option of entertainment services/combo you would like a quote for. Then use the drop downs to select ⏱ time to hire. Once selected the 💲price under the title will automatically update to your quote.

Question: How Do you Accept a Deposit?

Answer: Deposit will be by Credit Card using Square Credit Card Processing. We will send this invoice once the booking form is received, and pricing/availability are confirmed. (We can also accept venmo)

Question: What forms of Payment do you accept?


Balance Payment Options:

1. Cash is the only payment accepted on the day of the event. 

2. Credit card balance payments can be accepted with a 3% processing fee that we are charged, and must be paid 3 days prior to your event.

3. Venmo , Zelle or Chase Quickpay (no fees attached) can be accepted as long as it is processed a minimum of 3 days before the event.

4. Checks are accepted from schools or businesses received a minimum of 3 days before the event, along with a signed invoice confirming payment. 

Question: What is the Fastest Way to Book?

Answer: Our Booking Form will allow for us to break down your needs in the most efficient way possible, and response to your specific needs. This is our full-time job, so we are sure to get back to you shortly (unless we are sleeping)

5 Tips For Birthday Party Entertainment Planning!

Taylor Wasserman

Imagine this...

You are planning your child's first birthday party and suddenly realize, there will actually be kids at this party.  They will be running around, not as happy to just chat it up like the adults plan to do. So you think...hmm... let me hire someone to entertain them! But, wait, what are kids into? How do I choose? Well, here are a few tips on how to choose your entertainment and help get you started!

1. Age Appropriate? Making sure the entertainment is appropriate for the ages of the children attending, will ensure the kids will enjoy what you are paying for. (ex. A Magician may not be understood by 1-4yrs olds quite yet, so maybe try a puppet show instead?)

2. Get a Head Count. Knowing how many kids that will be attending will help to avoid booking unnecessary amounts of time. This will also help to save on your budget!  So also, be sure to ask your hired entertainers how many kids can be accommodated per hour to help match the two.

3. Location Matters. Certain entertainments may be more appropriate at different locations than others. Consider... One classic example is a balloons worst enemy is grass, so maybe rethink this entertainment if you are in a park setting surrounded by it.  OR consider parents may detour their kids from certain activities if it means dirtying their outfits at a fancy dinner, so face painting may not be the best option at a restaurant or wedding event.

4. Start Time. Be sure to accommodate nap schedules. Also, you know your guests better than we do.  Consider when your guests will actually arrive vs. the invitation start time, so you aren't paying for wasted time.

5. Plan B. In the Winter and Spring months, the rain can be unpredictable. If you are planning an outdoor party, make sure to have a plan B for your location. Deposits are non-refundable for most vendors regardless of the weather. 

We hope this helps to get you thinking! If you have any further questions we would love to hear from you! Feel free to give us a call or send us any questions! 


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