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We are a one-stop shop Entertainment Company providing professional specialty arts services for your special event no matter how big or small! We offer services such as Face Painting, Balloon Twisting, Caricatures, Glitter Tattoos, Henna, and A Puppet Show! Southern California’s Highest Rated on Yelp with over 250 all five star reviews!

Helping Create Magical Memories at Any Special Event!

Our Disneyland Trained Face Painters and Balloon Artists Can Create 20-25 Designs Per Hour!

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Face Paint & Balloon Combo
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  • ⚑ Our artists each can do 20-25 designs per hour

  • Ex. 1 Hr of Each = 1 Hr of Face Paint AND 1 Hr of Balloons

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Face Painting = 20-25/Hr

Balloon Twisting = 20-25/Hr

Caricatures = β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”>>>

Glitter Tattoos = 15-20 /Hr

Henna Tattoos = 12-20 /Hr

Hand Print Creations = 10-12 /Hr

Fancy Nails = 8-10 kids /Hr

Color Hair Spraying = 20/Hr

Caricatures are unique in that what can be accomplished varies Per Person Being Drawn based on complexity. 😍 You get to choose!

2-3 minutes : (B&W) Face Only drawings

5-7 minutes: (B&W) Face + Body drawing

5-7 minutes: (Color) Face Only drawings

10-15 minutes: (Color) Face + Body + themed background drawings

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Caricature, Face Paint, Balloon Combo
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